Sunday, February 2, 2014

And Away We Go...

When I travel I have a tendency to take pictures of old buildings, signs, and the like. For the most part they are in various states of decay, hence the title (no pictures of roadkill here, folks). So I figured I'd dedicate a page to the shots I've taken. Strictly amateur hour here. And the occasional well-preserved or restored building will be pictured as well - I don't seek out decay, it's just difficult to avoid it  :)
   To kick things off, here's a tumbledown farmstead we found last weekend:
Front wall of the barn has fallen

The house is in a losing battle with the elements

Audio-visual corner

Selfie in the medicine cabinet mirror

Back of the barn is in better shape

Bedroom window?

View through the missing barn roof

Odd little building had this cool stove and school desks